Among the most active aspects of the Freightliner Chassis Owners Club are rallies - gatherings of members with their motorhomes. Members get to renew friendships at rallies and also get to attend workshops and sessions where they can learn more about various topics of interest to RVers. The Freightliner Chassis Owners Club sponsor rallies at least four times a year, and rallies are held in different parts of the county to encourage all our members to attend at least one.

The Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation often brings a motorhome chassis and team to our rallies to give talks to our members about Freightliner chassis and to answer questions from members one-on-one. Members can ask questions about their own motorhome chassis and often get onsite advice or answers at their own motorhome.

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2015 Concord NC Rally

2015 Concord NC Rally    (Click for full story)
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Ver-El RV Park, at Charlotte Motor Speedway (Lowes Speedway)

We have planned a National FCOC Rally at Ver-El Mobile Village, 5650 Sandusky Blvd, Concord NC. Phone (704) 769-0248. The dates for the rally will be October 19th through 23rd, 2015. Only 80 spaces are available.

We will  have Seminars, Crafts, Ladies Tea, Tour of Charlotte Speedway and NASCAR Garages and more, Freightliner techs and trailer, along with Happy Hour each night.  We will have four breakfasts and four dinners.  We will have a box lunch for those on the tour.

The cost is $300.00 for a coach with two occupants, $201.00 for a single coach, and $99.00 per person for extra persons attending.  The tour is $62.00 per person, which includes the box lunch but the club is paying for the box lunch so that will bring the tour price down to $52.00 per person.  That $52.00 includes tips for the guides.

There is a $25.00 Cancelation Fee, and No Refunds will be made after October 1, 2015.

For those of you planning to arrive early and extend your stay beyond the rally, you must make and pay for those reservations directly with the campground office.

2016 FCOC SEA Rally, Tampa Super Show
2016 Foxboro MA National Rally
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The FCOC Treasurer's Report for the first six months of 2015 is available in Club Info, FCOC Treas Reports.

Future Rallies
2015 Concord NC Rally